Sprague Union District, Spokane

by Jim Hanley, BID Board President and Dana Reinke, BID Board Member 

The PBIA continues providing services to our ratepayers throughout 2020 and now 2021. Our advisory board the delivered following goods and services for 2020:

ADMIN – General manager and accounting

CLEAN & GREEN – We removed over 30,000+ pounds of trash from the district. We kept the garbage cans emptied, cleaned random dumping throughout the district. We regularly cleaned the sidewalks. We maintain the hanging baskets plus the sidewalk planter boxes with weeding and fertilizer. We cleaned and replanted plants that become sick, die or were stolen. ($15,967)

BRANDING & MARKETING – General district marketing includes social media ads, district website, and funds approved for a gateway project. This includes all the effort to maintain our social media presence plus specific ads and district promotions we coordinate for the businesses located in the BID. ($5,256). In 2020, ESBA received a $20,020 Covid Cares Grant to promote the businesses throughout our district.

SAFETY & SECURITY – We are the only district to provide sidewalk snow plowing and deicing for pedestrian safety. The amount of snowfall dictates the extent of plowing needed and ice melt used. Additionally, we continue to coordinate with SPD to remove transients from businesses and public access points. 311 is our friend for general problems and SPD is our partner for more serious problems. ($2,496)

BEAUTIFICATION – We installed light pole decorations, including hanging baskets and holiday-themed lighting. ($12,867)



Our Goals for 2021

  • To maintain a beautiful business community: with trash regularly emptied, sidewalks clean, deliver healthy and vibrant plants, resulting in a healthy business community where customers feel safe and welcome.
  • Help our local businesses recover from the Covid impact.
  • Address adding electricity to the accessory outlets on light poles along Sprague (between Crestline and Altamont).
  • Create a community space with the CSO Tank land behind Zips that accommodates community use and discourages vagrancy.
  • Continue our Snow Removal program.
  • Build business participation in the BID and bringing back our district events.

2021 Parking & Business Improvement Area (PBIA) Officers

Jim Hanley — President

Darryl Reber — Vice President

Bob Mauk — Secretary / Treasurer

Chris Morlan — Member

Dana Reinke — Member

Doug Trudeau — Exofficio