The East Spokane Business Association (ESBA) and the Spokane Regional Health District (SRHD),
Neighborhoods Matter program have worked diligently together in 2015 to ensure the residents that
surround the business community are engaged in the dialogue and revitalization efforts. Members of
the residential community in conjunction with the SRHD, conducted door to door surveying to better
understand neighborhood concerns. Lack of alleyway lighting was identified as a top concern.
Residents completed a lighting assessment to ascertain the depth of the issue and shared the results
with neighborhood stakeholders, including the Spokane Police Department. This has resulted in a
partnership between Neighborhoods Matter, Spokane Police Department, Avista Utilities, ESBA and
the City of Spokane to install over 150 lights in alleys to improve security. Implementation of the alley
lighting program began in the fall of 2015 will continue into 2018.