A Note From Doug Trudeau, ESBA President

Part of our Policing has been absorbed by downtown, the area West of Sherman will now be part of Downtown. Downtown has more officers dedicated to deal with homelessness. We still have a lot of problems in different parts of our area specifically along the railroad tracks and the area under the Hamilton Bridge. Undeveloped properties encourage this type of camping. More than likely the city will pass a sales tax increase in July. I am hoping that money can be used more effectively in the future. One crazy idea would be to set up money to take care of damage to personal property near homeless shelters and services. We seem to get more broken windows to our businesses, houses, and cars because of the location of these services. The ESBA board continues to work with our local representative at the city to look at new ways to combat the problem. Lastly, work on Sprague is coming soon, if weather permits Avista will start work in March with some lane restrictions. Sprague will not close till April. Typically, there will be weekly meetings during the construction, and we hope to have the place and time for those meetings at our March 24th meeting.

https://downtownspokane.org/2020/03/04/ downtown-police-precinct-relocating-to-central-core/